Abercynon Community Primary School

Ysgol Gymunedol Abercynon


Mathematics and Numeracy /Mathemateg a Rhifedd

Our Mathematics and Numeracy Vision


At Abercynon we LOVE mathematics and all aspects of number work! We strive to promote positive, engaging, explorative and challenging mathematical experiences to our pupils. We teach Maths through a variety of activities that are linked into real life situations - children have to see the value of numbers and see that we need them to get through life on a daily basis. Numeracy at its heart develops the five mathematical proficiencies – Conceptual understanding, Communication using symbols, Fluency, Logical reasoning and Strategic competence.


When studying mathematics pupils will encounter challenges, and when overcoming these challenges pupils are required to develop resourcefulness and resilience.When we study mathematics we aim to  develop communication and mathematical thinking, where problem solving is a core aspect. Mathematical communication is precise and logical and will be useful in everyday life.  We use big maths strategies to underpin a range of skills and develop pupil confidence and understanding.


We aim to develop logical and critical thinking as we believe these skills are integrated and transferable into all areas of the curriculum, life in general and to the world of work.  Mathematics involves solving problems and begins by analysing the requirements, before then asking questions and evaluating information. In the development of solutions, learners identify potential approaches and develop arguments, justifying their decisions.‚Äč