Abercynon Community Primary School

Ysgol Gymunedol Abercynon


Sports Council

Sports Council – Meeting 18th October 2022 

Teacher : Mr J Lansing  

Children Present : 

Year6 – Polly, Ellie, Leo, Cobie 

Year 5 – Connie, Indio, Jai, Ella 

Year 4 – Jos 

Year 3 – Freddie 


Elected Spokesmen – Polly and Leo. 


Actions : 

  1. Fix the net on the court. 

  1. Girls Friday on the court 

  1. Use the hall apparatus more often 

  1. Cycling Proficiency in Y5/6 

  1. Playtime Leaders from Year 6 

  1. Dodge Ball set – Soft/sponge Balls 

  1. Use of Garden at playtimes.. 







Meeting Two – 6th February 2023 

Present : Sports Council – Years 3-6 


Points discussed: 

  1. Poor behaviour in the Court, especially Year 5. 

  1. Girls use of the Court, and decision of how to use it. 

  1. Having a Dance Club 

  1. Gymnastic Club, where the girls from Year 6 are happy to help. 

  1. Dance a mile – Movement break. 

  1. Each class to have their own football/netball for which they are responsible for. 



Polly and Leo to speak to Mr Jewitt regarding buying each class balls for playtime. 

Leo to be a nominated referee in the court for all Junior games on the Court. He is more than happy with the responsibility. In fact, he is keen to do it. To be given cards to issue where required. (To monitor).  






Sports Council to let School know about this arrangement in assembly. 

The phrase : “What Leo says GOES!”. Progress to be reported to Mr Lansing. 

Dance a Mile – Year 6 Girls to look into the possibility of doing this exercise. 

Agreed that further “After School Clubs” will be difficult as Teachers already have ongoing clubs and there isn’t room for a further club.  


Meeting 3 : April 17th 2023 

All members present. All we pleased that they had been listened to, and some things had been achieved. 

Action Achieved 

  • Mr Jewitt agreed to buy each class a basketball and football to use in the court. 

  • Net in the Court is Fixed. 

  • All classes to trial ‘Running a Mile’ in the Summer term. 

  • Leo reffing the Court football was very successful. It is now taking up a little too much time so the children will take the responsibility themselves. This was agreed as everyone thought their class’s behaviour in the Court had improved. 

Summer Term Targets


Improve playground leaders area by timetabling activities


Purchase netball kits and equipment


FP to have sport after school clubs