Abercynon Community Primary School

Ysgol Gymunedol Abercynon


Our School Vision

Caring Believing Achieving


Abercynon Community Primary School - a place where pupils feel happy, secure and ready to embark upon their personal learning journey, aspiring to be the best they can be.


As healthy, confident individuals, our pupils build positive and supportive relationships, showing care and respect for themselves and others. They learn about themselves and their feelings at different stages of their development in a safe and secure environment. Our school ensures that everyone is given a voice and the opportunity to be actively included in all activities, encouraging teamwork, enjoyment and fun through a range of enriching experiences. Developing leadership skills and responsibilities is also an important part of learning, creating role models for others. We nurture individual talents, celebrating success across the school community in order to boost self-esteem and inspire others. By being charitable, kind and thoughtful we develop empathy and respect for the well-being of others and the environment.


It is vital that our learners develop the fundamental skills of communication, mathematics and digital competence. From this, pupils are able to apply their knowledge and skills purposefully in a range of real-life meaningful contexts, allowing them to solve problems and explain their thoughts and ideas. Pupils build their resilience when facing challenges and develop confidence in themselves as learners, members of our school and in the wider community. They strive to achieve their personal best with the skills and mindset to reach their ambitions and take on the world as effective lifelong learners.


As ethically, informed citizens our pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of the culture around them. We respect our differences, learning to have a fair and open view about different lifestyles and cultures in the wider world through inclusive learning experiences. Our school promotes children’s rights and models rights and respect in all its relationships. Children learn how their actions impact others, developing and encouraging inquisitive minds through enquiry. We aim to build pupils’ understanding of living sustainably throughout their life and how their choices affect the world around them.


As enterprising, creative contributors, our children are encouraged to explore and seize opportunities, using their imagination to create products and solve real-world problems together for the benefit of others. Children are encouraged to push boundaries and take measured risks whilst reflecting on their progress. We inspire our children to be innovative and collaborate effectively with their peers, giving them an insight into the world of work through engaging experiences.